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A lymphatic drainage treatment is designed towards to working lymphatic fluid towards the drainage ducts, whereas a regular massage works on various other facets mostly muscular and skeletal. By stimulating this system through massage, it works more efficiently, consequently boosting the immune system, clearing blockages, eliminating toxins, transporting nutrients to cells while increasing metabolism.

Closely connected with the circulatory system, the lymphatic system is an extensive drainage system that returns water and proteins from various tissues back to the bloodstream. By increasing circulation through lymphatic massage, the body is given a chance to detox and clears and rids itself of unwanted toxins and waste. This in turn increases vitality and has significant changes in toning the body.

Lymphatic drainage is an excellent treatment for anyone with any metabolism concerns, from cellulite to weight loss, poor circulation, water retention, pregnancy and achy body, because of it’s fantastic ability to boost immunity.

With this massage you should expect a gentle light pumping action of lymphatic fluid up towards the heart. Certain nodes may be slightly painful due to congestion, however through massage they will become smaller and drain into the next node making their way through major drainage ducts and into blood circulation. You will need to drink plenty of water to aid cleansing and purifying in recovery mode.

Duration: 1 hour/ 90 mins/ 90 mins

£75/ £95 (For home visits price on application)